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Do you manage Suppliers?
Are you responsible for managing the vendors that underpin your vital services?

As outsourcing to third parties continues to grow, the role of supplier managers continues to expand to managing the relationships, contract and performance management, risk and compliance, whilst trying to be as innovative and sustainable as possible.

Continuous expansion, manual processes and ever-changing regulations can make it challenging to ensure your business is getting the most out of its supply chain.

The Brooklyn platform provides visibility along your vendor tail. Remove time-consuming manual tasks, and maximise value whilst minimising risk exposure, all through our best-practice governance framework for supplier management.
Service management
Are you a Commercial Manager?
You are a leading service provider with excellent customer satisfaction, but you need support with managing your customers and staying on top of the sales, commercials and legal support.

Scale your business, win your deals and excel in your service by using Brooklyn Solutions. Our solution connects to your CRM so you can stay on top of your customer management, and ensure you are providing the optimal service without the need for a database of tools that aren't meeting your business needs.

Brooklyn Solutions, an end-to-end solution, helps our customers manage their entire database, capture risk and add value post-contract when it comes to delivering and 100% customer satisfaction is up for grabs. With same-day onboarding, excel in your commercial management today.
Customer management

Increase value.
Optimise management.

Secure and maintain the entire supply chain or customer base with Brooklyn Solutions.
Contract Management.
Onboard and track obligation management.

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Third Party Risk Management.
Streamline and automate the entire risk lifecycle.

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Regulatory Compliance.
Digitally fit for audit, always.

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Relationship Management.
Manage your simple and complex relationships for all organisational roles.
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Deal Signed. Time to Deliver.

Secure and maintain the entire supply chain centrally with our modular VendorOps suite. Bolster long-term business achievements, and bring a range of automated workflows and governance capabilities to the vendor manager. Realise value quickly, and achieve better vendor collaboration.
Centralised management
Manage all your customer-supplier needs in one place. Introduce a centralised approach to your service, allowing you to see everything from your contract obligations to annual renewals and performance from one easy-to-use platform.
Risk Scarecard
Simple Onboarding
Speed up your onboarding process and reduce time to contract by 20% with our easy-to-use onboarding tool.
Customer/Suppliers at a glance
Scale with ease. Have access to all your customer's profiles in one place, so you don't have to prioritise but improve your lifecycle management by 75%.
Customer_Supplier at a glance
Renewal event log
Keep on top of your customer-supplier relationships. Receive timely alerts for upcoming renewals and negotiations to show your customers you care about their business or to maximise your deal value with your suppliers.
Renewal Event Log
AI Supply Chain Intelligence & Strength
Automate and streamline key governance processes and policies, utilising AI and OCR capabilities against contractual agreements. Recover at least 40% of the time lost in manual solutions.
AI & OCR Capabilities

Find the solution that will supercharge your team

What type of department do you belong to?
What type of sector do you belong to?
£700m+ in revenue
up to £50m in revenue
£50m-£700m in revenue
What type of sector do you belong to?
Based on your selection we would recommend the following solution:
Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC)
A holistic and collaborative approach to enterprise-wide governance, risk and compliance
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Third Party Risk Management
Streamline the whole risk lifecycle, from risk assessments pre-contract to monitoring ongoing third-party risk post-contract award at the front line. Actively manage third-party risk beyond surveying and throughout the life of the contract.
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Contract Lifecycle Management
Bring your contracts to life. Digitise your contracts out of siloed PDFs into a platform to manage risks, obligations, uncover opportunities and make better inform business decisions.
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Customer – Supplier Relationship Management
Brooklyn Relationship builds strong and collaborative relationships with your customer and suppliers. Gain full visibility in one centralised platform.
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Brooklyn Policy & Regulatory Compliance
Manage your compliance across multiple regulatory environments to iterate the solution in response to organisational and global industry needs. Maintain an immutable audit trail providing full transparency with Brooklyn Solutions.
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Digital Assessment Frameworks
Augment your existing resources at scale. With our Digital Assessments, gain access to our series of automatically triggered surveys to minimise risk and create value across your entire supply chain.
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Brooklyn ESGa+
Brooklyn Solutions brings transparency into all areas of your business, helping your organisation become more compliant with industry standards, including ESG management practices, sustainability reporting requirements, duty of care responsibilities, corporate governance, and more!
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(OLD) Brooklyn Third Party Risk Management
An integrated approach streamlining the whole TPRM lifecycle, from risk assessments pre-contract to monitoring on-going risk post-contract award at the front line. Often overlooked, actively manage third party risk beyond surveying and throughout the life of the contract.
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Excel your service performance

Ensure every customers feel like your priority. Our platform helps you manage your customers with ease.
Contract obligation management
Retain real-time visibility and collaboration across your customer base. Digitise your contracts, highlight obligations and segment responsibility between you and your customer/supplier with our automated Smart Onboarding Engine (SOE).
Obligation dashboard
SLA & KPI performance management
Ensure you are providing the best service to all your customers. Track and monitor your performance across your customer base, creating actions to optimise your service without wasting resources.
SLA & KPI Reporting
Third Party Risk & Compliance satisfaction
Comply with the ever-changing regulations and monitor risk through our easy-to-use risk dashboards. Provide your customers will a compliance guarantee.
Risk Register